HHB have been supplying professional audio recording equipment for more than 25 years. During that time, we've played an important role in establishing the professional acceptance of many new digital formats including DAT, CD-R, MO and MiniDisc, with a range of HHB studio and location recorders.

Daily contact with broadcast, post, film sound, location and music recording professionals provides us with a unique insight into the very different requirements they have of their recording formats. But one thing everybody is agreed on is the need for dependable, high performance recording media.

HHB Professional Recording Media is designed to provide audio and video professionals with the highest possible levels of performance, compatibility and long-term archival security across all major digital recording formats.

Not tied to a single factory, we scour the world in search of the optimum manufacturing partner for each individual format, facilities capable of consistently producing HHB recording media products to our own exacting specifications.

Experienced HHB development engineers use the latest analysis equipment including a Pulstec RDC-12X to batch-test HHB recording media at regular intervals, ensuring that the demandingly low block error rates we specify are consistently met. And we also test HHB media in a wide variety of recorders and players to ensure compatibility.

If you're working in a critical application, don't trust your valuable recordings to anything less than HHB Professional Recording Media.

Recording Media